A Plastic free Ocean or a Fish free Ocean? The Choice is Yours!

Being a conservationist, I spend a lot of time watching documentaries on how people are taking steps to save our planet. Of all the videos I have seen, the ones with creatures having plastic stuck in their nasal cavities or lungs are the most nerve-racking. It makes me...

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What are Oceanic Dead Zones and Why Should You Care?

What are Oceanic Dead Zones and Why Should You Care? What happens when we run out of oxygen? We die! But death is not only specific to living creatures.  Really?  Oceans can also run out of oxygen and result in ocean dead zones – patches in the oceans...

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Sea Turtles – The Reason Our Oceans are Brimming With Life!

We have all grown up listening to the story of the race between the hare and the turtle and how the turtle wins, giving us an understanding of the proverb, “Slow and steady wins the race.” But is that the only sea turtle fact we know? I think...

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Ocean Conservation and Its Impact on the Climate Change

A few years ago, during summer, we decided to visit the great Hawaiin Islands. During our stay, we got the chance to converse with the locals and what we learned was surprising and shocking at the same time.  The majority of the islanders depended on the ocean for...

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