Save our Reefs, Save our Oceans!

My fourth-grade teacher would always quote a saying by Pablo Neruda, “I need the sea because it teaches me!” And I always wondered how the sea could teach us something, until recently when I started working on Purpose for Earth Foundation to save our reefs and create a plastic-free ocean.

The quote made perfect sense now! The various aquatic creatures and coral reefs in the oceans all teach us something – the lesson of living together in harmony, being colorful and full of life, and celebrating the wonders of nature. But are we learning anything from the sea? I think not!

While coral reefs give us countless benefits, like providing habitat to millions of exotic species and absorbing wave energy to protect the coastline from erosion, what are we giving back in return? Global warming, pollution, ocean acidification, and not to forget overfishing!

With coral reefs prone to all these environmental threats, their future looks bleak, and in a few decades, they will be nothing but barren boneyards. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can help us bring the dying coral reefs back from the brink and help them survive before it’s too late. Join us to save the reefs and the species that inhabit them.

At Purpose for Earth Foundation, we aim to educate the masses about what’s happening in the oceans, what coral reefs mean to us and the impact of them dying out. Together we can help them resist the impacts of environmental change.  

Save our Reefs, Save our Oceans!

Make a difference, save our reefs

A little can go a long way! By taking one step at a time, we can gradually reverse the extinction of coral reefs to promote a thriving existence. We’re not asking you to go all out. Simply:

  • Reduce the usage of disposable plastic
  • Keep the beaches clean.
  • Use Ultraviolet Protection (UVP) sunscreen and products that don’t harm coral reef and other marine life.
  • Anchor boats in away from the coral reefs to prevent harming them.
  • Donate your time and/or financial support to PFEF or an organization that supports the health of our oceans
  • Spread our message 

We are the guardians of the planet, and together we can save the magnificent coral reefs! 

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