Protect the Wetlands – Be a Reason for the Songbirds to Continue Singing

Belonging to a fishermen family, I have spent most of my summer holidays visiting my grandparents in Glenwood Springs – the most productive fishing centers in Colorado. The anglers would always talk about how to protect the wetlands and their ecosystems, as they believed it was equal to protecting mankind itself. 

As a result, I learned how wetlands not only accounted for the existence of a huge range of species but they also:

  • Help prevent flooding by slowing down the flow of water and soaking it up, saving homes and lives.
  • Purify the water by filtering the contaminants and sediments, improving the quality of water.
  • Store carbon in its saturated soil, preventing it from being released back into the atmosphere.

It was during this inspirational conversation that I decided to become an advocate for the protection of wetlands. Moreover, I wanted to spread awareness about their complex inner workings and the intricate web of life that these wetlands support.

Aiming towards the conservation of nature’s bounty, I set the cornerstone of the Purpose for Earth Foundation. 

We have one mission – to protect Earth and hand on a planet worth living to the next generation. But that is only possible if we:

  • Stop draining wetlands to make space for construction work.
  • Do not treat them as dumping grounds for industrial and household waste.
  • Cease all activities that lead to climatic change, as the rising sea levels are causing the wetlands to submerge and die.

According to UNFCCC, wetlands are disappearing three times faster than forests, and we have lost 35% of the world’s wetlands between 1970 and 2015.

Protect the Wetlands – Be a Reason for the Songbirds to Continue Singing

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