Mother Earth Day

Emotional, yet the rock.

Tired, yet keeps going.

Worried, but full of hope.

Impatient, yet patient.

Overwhelmed, but never quits.

Amazing, even though doubted.

Wonderful, even in chaos.

Life changer, every single day.

These inspirational words by Rachel Martin are for a devoted mother – A mother who keeps going even in the most dismal times and stays strong to keep her children safe and protected. 

But the term mother is not specific only to someone who gives birth. It can be used for anyone who nurtures and provides for and makes you feel at home. Have you ever wondered why we refer to nature as mother nature or our planet as mother earth? That’s because their role is just like a mother’s; to take care of us and provide us with the basic necessities of life to survive. 

But today on International Mother Earth Day, our focus will solely be on our planet Earth – the stream of life, which has been offering its harvest to us since the beginning of time. It has provided us the land where we have built our houses, it has provided us with abundant nature’s bounties, like the forests and oceans, that feed us. 

With everything that the Earth has to give us, we should celebrate it every day!

The rivers are the veins of our planet that connect the continents, the forests are the lungs through which it breathes. But after decades of issues like air pollution, smog, dumping trash in places where it didn’t belong, water pollution, oil spills, and the ocean turning plastic, our Mother Earth is now exhausted and is calling out to us! It’s giving us signs in the form of global warming and the spread of deadly viruses and telling us that enough is enough. 

We should pay heed to these warnings from Mother Earth, and take steps to save our lovely planet from turning toxic. The earth’s recovery doesn’t require a cosmic change, it requires small steps taken every day by every individual. 

How Can You Repay Mother Earth?

Small changes in your daily life can have a great impact on restoring the earth. It has loved us and cared for us from the day we were born and even after we die. It’s time we changed the way we treat Mother Earth. Here’s what you can do to save the planet:

  1. Try to walk or use bicycles to get to nearby places because every 2 miles you drive your vehicle, 2 pounds of carbon dioxide are put into the atmosphere, which is a major contributor to climate change.
  1. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! Whenever you can! Instead of throwing out gadgets and gizmos, try finding another use for them, or simply donate them. It takes less energy to make something out of recycled products rather than starting from scratch.
  1. This may sound a bit odd, but if you keep your homes a bit warmer in the summers and colder in the winters, even by a couple of degrees, you can contribute to eliminating almost 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year!
  1. Throw the trash where it belongs – In the bin! Not on the sidewalk, not on the road, and definitely not in the sea. 
  1. Also, you can inspire your friends and family to join the fight against climate change. Simply talk to them or organize activities in your local community to spread awareness.

Remember, your individual action can go a long way. 

PFEF and Mother Earth

We care about Mother Earth and want to see it thriving for years to come. And for this very reason, we have created the Purpose For Earth Foundation – to make people aware of recycling, ocean conservation, sustainable living, and ways to make the planet cleaner and greener for ourselves and the generations to come.

On this Earth Day, let’s promise to join hands and work towards a better planet, by raising consciousness about environmental conservation. This is our planet and we have to take the responsibility to preserve its natural resources.   

Visit our website to see how you can volunteer and join our movement. 

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