Save our Reefs, Save our Oceans!

My fourth-grade teacher would always quote a saying by Pablo Neruda, “I need the sea because it teaches me!” And I always wondered how the sea could teach us something, until recently when I started working on Purpose for Earth Foundation to save our reefs and create a...

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Protect the Wetlands – Be a Reason for the Songbirds to Continue Singing

Belonging to a fishermen family, I have spent most of my summer holidays visiting my grandparents in Glenwood Springs – the most productive fishing centers in Colorado. The anglers would always talk about how to protect the wetlands and their ecosystems, as they believed it was equal to...

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A Plastic free Ocean or a Fish free Ocean? The Choice is Yours!

Being a conservationist, I spend a lot of time watching documentaries on how people are taking steps to save our planet. Of all the videos I have seen, the ones with creatures having plastic stuck in their nasal cavities or lungs are the most nerve-racking. It makes me...

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What are Oceanic Dead Zones and Why Should You Care?

What are Oceanic Dead Zones and Why Should You Care? What happens when we run out of oxygen? We die! But death is not only specific to living creatures.  Really?  Oceans can also run out of oxygen and result in ocean dead zones – patches in the oceans...

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